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Welcome to the official Nevermind brand US webshop.  Nevermind is expertly crafted in Portugal in a factory which has been producing footwear since the 1930's.  We are proud to bring Nevermind to the US.  Based just outside Philadelphia, all items on are in stock and are shipped from our Pennsylvania warehouse.

After nearly a decade in the footwear industry, we set out looking for a Better Boot.  We'd grown tired of the New Leather so many companies are using and have felt that the quality was lacking.  We searched far and wide, and found Nevermind.  Our box of sample boots arrived in an unassuming brown shipping box, delivered direct to us from the Nevermind factory in Portugal. This box was akin to the best holiday gift. Ever.  As soon as the box was opened, we were struck by that wonderful scent of Real Leather from the boots within.  We started removing the various samples... Nice, thick, high-quality leather.  Expert craftsmanship.  Triple stitched seams.  From that moment, we knew that THESE were the boots we'd been looking for.  The Nevermind shoes and boots have become our favorites, and we hope that they'll become yours too.

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