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Bench comes from Manchester and its beginnings date back to the first half of the ninteries.
At first it was a small brand of men`s clothes, cool, underground brand with skateboarding and BMX riding background.
Well-known for its strong and eye-catching gaffics printed in T-shirts and sweatshirts, in time it has grown into an urban lifestyle brand with wide and exciting collection.
Bench has kept its recognizable logo simultaneously adapting it to new trends, but in keeping with its streetwear roots.
With its headoffice in Manchester, Bench has always been strogly tied to local music scene that made it very special, cool, arrogant, anti-fashion, and above all – popular. Although it is a relatively young brand, Bench is today one of the most popular brands in England. It has become much more than just clothes, it is a part of cultural scene; it backs up various concerts, festivals, music editions and performances. The logo of Bench has become a trade mark of cultural avantgarde.

Apart from England, Bench is being sold today in the world`s biggest cities, it can be found only in specialized streetwear shops which nurture their authentic style.


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